Safop Leonard Model 70/L-MC 82" x 23' CNC Live Spindle C-Axis Lathe


Safop Leonard Model 70/L-MC 82" x 23' CNC Live Spindle C-Axis Lathe

Wellsville, NY


Siemens 840 CNC Control | 60 KW / 80 HP Headstock Motor | 1,000 mm / 39.37″ 4 Jaw Independent Chuck w/ 160 mm / 6.29″ Hole | C Axis & Live Milling | Automatic Tool Pallet System w/ Two Stations (Turning Carriage & Milling Unit Station)

Turning Carriage:

*Left Hand Blade – 520 mm travel, 64 mm thickness, CAPTO C automatic connection

*Right Hand Blade – 425 mm travel, 35 mm thickness, BT 32 connection

*Renishaw Workpiece Probe Capability

Milling Unit:

*22 KW / 30 HP, 3.45 – 1,875 RPM, CAT 50 TAPER

*90 Degree Angular Head

*Y Axis +/- 100 mm Cutter Travel

Grinding Attachment / Unit:

600 mm dia x 60 mm width, 1152 max RPM

Hydrostatic Z-Axis Longitudinal Carriage and X-Axis Cross Carriage

(2) C-Frame Steady Rests w/ 100 mm – 600 mm (3.93″ – 23.62″) Capacity Heidenhain Linear Scales & Rotary Encoders 3/3

*Z-Axis Longitudinal Carriage & X-Axis Cross Carriage Can Pass By The Headstock & Tailstock*

Large Compliment of Tooling Included


ManufacturerSafop Leonard
Serial Number3261
Stock Number22321
Chuck Size32" 3-Jaw
Max. Swing82.6"
Max. Swing Over Carriage61.4"
Center Distance284.25"
Center Distance (Estimated w/ Tool Pallets Removed)355"
Max. Turning Length275"
Max. Workpiece Diameter59"
Max. Unsupported Weight Between Centers61,729 lbs.
Max. Supported Weight Between Centers Steady Rests36 Tons
Cross Stroke of Left Hand Blade20.47"
Cross Stroke of Right Hand Blade16.7"
Cross Carriage Stroke (X-Axis)31.5"
Headstock Speed Rangeto 400 RPM
Headstock C-Axis Speed Range.005 to 5 RPM
Carriage Logitudinal Stroke (Z-Axis)521"
Carriage Logitudinal Rapid Feed Rate (Z-Axis)482 IPM
Milling Unit Y-Axis+/- 100 mm, +/- 3.93"
Tailstock Quill Diameter11.81"
Tailstock Quill Stroke11.41"