2019 Fives RVD-30-G2 Double Disc Vertical Grinding Cell

2019 Fives RVD-30-G2 Double Disc Vertical Grinding Cell

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FIVES RVD-30-G2: C/W Coolant System | Mist Collector & Post Process Gauge | Carrier Plates and Rotating Pockets | 30" CBN Wheel Set | Machine Sold FOB Truck | Optional Set Up can be Conducted by Professional Grinding Company for Additional Fee

ABB ROBOT: Mfg.2019

CLEVELAND DE-BUR MAG 8 QUAD INLINE MACHINE: Through Feed Brushing Machine, Capable of Brushing the Top and Bottom of a Part as it Passes by (8) Brushes | Left to Right Flow | Incl. Coolant System | Demagnitizing Station |Rinse Station | Mist Collector | Magnestic Separation Vessel | Conveyor & Blow-Off System

FANUC SR-6iA ROBOT: Software | iRVision Including (1) Camera, Tool Changer, Dressout & Riser | x4 Single Part EOAT/Tool Changer

FANUC SR-6iA ROBOT: Software | iRVision Including (1) Camera, Line Tracking, Tool Changer, Dressout & Riser | Complete with x2 Dual-EOAT Tool Change Stand

FANUC CONVEYORS: (2) Tote Infeed/Outfeed Conveyor/Cross Transfer & Tote Stand | (1) Brush Belt Outfeed Conveyor | (1) Cross Aisle Belt Conveyor/Infeed Chute, Access Gate & Pusher

FANUC PNEUMATICS: Pneumatics | Cision Stand | Laser Marker | Guarding & Cable Trays

FANUC CONTROL PANELS: Control Panel with Rockwell Compact Logix PLCC & PanelView Plus 1000 HMI for Operator Interface to the Cell

  • FANUC LR MATE ROBOT: Additional Hardware - Addendum 001 Fanuc LR Mate Robot | Software | x1 In-Line Camera, Line Tracking, Tool Changer & Dress Out Riser | EOAT for Single Part x2 | Laser Indexer Table & Controls

  • FANUC PNEUMATIC & CONVEYOR: Additional Hardware - Addendum 002a Grinder Back-End Escapements to Include All Equipment to Improve Flow of Parts from Grinders to Brush | Includes Pneumatic Escapements, Conveyors, etc.

  • FANUC EOAT & FIXTURE NESTS: Additional Hardware - Addendum 003a Additional Scope Penta & Service | EOAT for Penta & Service


Stock Number22420
Wheel OD:760mm