2007 Hydac CTU-1000-K-Z-Z Contamination Test Unit

2007 Hydac CTU-1000-K-Z-Z Contamination Test Unit

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Serial NumberNR 5681
Stock Number22390
Membrane Holder:or Ø 47 to 50 mm filter membranes
Vacuum Strainer:for quicker filtration of the analysis fluid
Diffuser:Distribution of analysis fluid on the membrane
Operating Pressure:-12 to 87 psi (-0.8 to 6 bar)
Analysis Fluid Reservoir:2x 20 l (1x reservoir, 1x suction reservoir)
Reservoir Change-Over:Automatic
Filtration of Analysis Fluid:Fine filtration according ISO 4406 min. ISO 12/9
Filter Clogging Indicator:1 bar pressure setting
Filter Size, Filtration Rating:2x LF BN/HC 60, 3 µm (1xx0 series) 2x MRF-1-E/1, 1µm (1xx1 series)
Integrated Drip Tray:25 liter with drainage