Gleason 641 Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

Gleason 641 Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Generator

Gleason # 641 Hypoid Spiral Bevel

Serial No. 764602

Stock Number: 22202

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Extreme Ratio10:1
Root Angle Range-8 To 90 Deg
Gear Diameter - Max16.000" (406.40MM)
Examples of Max. Pitch Dia.w/ 35" Gear Spiral Angle 
And Max Cutter Dia.At The Following Ratios : ( Using 
12" Cutters) 1 x 113.500" (342.90MM)
2 x 116.000" (406.40MM)
5 x 116.000" (406.40MM)
Max Radial Setting6.983" (177.40MM)
Diametral Pitch - Coarsest2.0 DP (12.70 MOD)
Full Depth - Max1.000" (25.40MM)
Face Width - Max2.600" (66.00MM)
Index Range5-10 Inclusive
Work-Spindle Dia Of Taper Hole @ Large End3-29/32 (99.22MM)
Taper Per Foot39/64" (15.48MM)
Depth Of Taper6" (152.40MM)
Dia Of Hole Through Spindle3.0625" (77.79MM)
Cutter Dia (s) 2.75",3.75",4.5",6",7.5",9",10.5",12"(100,125,160,200,250,300MM)
Cutter Speeds15 - 250 RPM
Cycle Time Infinitely Variable From4.5 Sec /Tooth - Min
WorkHead Settings : 
Offset Above Centre - Max2.25" (57.15MM)
Offset Below Centre - Max2.25" (57.15MM)
Machine Center To Nose Of Spindle - Max14.50" (368.30MM)

Equipped With:
Hyd. Chucking Attachment * Controls For Completing, Roughing, & Finishing Plunge Feed Mechanism * Arrangement For Formate * Variable Rate-Of-Roll Arrangement * Helical Motion Feature * Double Roll Arrangement * Ratio Control Mechanism * One single Set-Up Of Change Gears * Full Complement Of Electrics (Motors & Controls) * Coolant System,Pump Tank, & Piping * Automatic Chip Separator , Including Automatic Chip Wiper System and Auger-Type Chip Conveyor

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Gleason 641 Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Generator
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